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secure, reliable & professional

Web Creations

Over 10+ years of experience, Ask My Buddy is the only one to develop a high secure database for customers. We have the best SaaS & self-hosted web based application that will help you focus on your business! Have a bigger project? Count on us to build it, we had the craziest projects ever built!

hardware, network, manage

IT Solutions

Worried about your mission critical application getting crashed? We have you covered! We have an excellent team of linux administrators that can deploy your applications in the safest enviornment. From 1 to 1000 of servers, we have experts to build your project that is secure & stable!

What are our Services?

We offer a wide range of premium services that would boost your individual & business needs. Every service we have is tailored to fit your needs!
Web Development
Fully web based application cuts down by 60% as the infrastructure needed to maintain the application is less compared to a software application. Read More
Web Design
Website designing is the foundation for your project, Here we are ready to develop you the best web design for your needs. Read More
Graphics Design
From simple to complex, from logo to big screens, from raster to vector, from antique to latest style, our team is ready to develop for you. Read More
Outsource people for your technology project & cut your cost of expense, as we have the excellent dedicated trained team that can handle it. Read More

Why choose us?Why Us?

We have the services that you need, but that's not enough since we have the best reasons for you to trust us!

Security that stands out!

With qualified developers around the world, we develop your projects with 100% security. Each project is assigned with dedicated team with the highest security available in the market!

  • Corporate level security for all your custom development projects.
  • Fully encrypted & high quality coding by experienced team.
  • High confidential & mission critical projects development.
  • Self-Hosted model as well as Managed Hosting model available.
  • Dedicated Manager with live contact available for you!

Premium Quality

That's right, we never compromise on quality, you get premium services for what you pay for, its totally worth it! Since all our customers needs their project with perfection, we have highly experienced team working on your project day & night.

Each and every service we have is tailored to fit your needs. With the best quote you can get, your project would be developed in three stages. Each stage is done by the assigned dedicated team in which the final product is delivered only after testing by several security testers. We understand your needs, Let us do the hard work so that you can focus on the growth.

Impressed? Contact Us!

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